About Us - Superace Software

Our Story

Superace Software was launched in an effort to fill the large gaps in today’s client engagement models and software development methodologies. Using an efficient blend of deep industry experience and our vast expertise in developing customized solutions, we deliver the future now rather than later.

Our product portfolio has been painstakingly built with the customer at the heart of the user experience. From our robust PDF Editor to the fast and efficient PDF Password Remover, every product creates value by increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity, and reducing costs.

Every company needs a proper digital strategy in the age of “The New Normal”, and we are obsessed with delivering superior products that can be customized to your specific requirements. With our world-class solutions at your disposal, you can concentrate on what matters the most: your customers and your business.

Our Value-rich Proposition

Embrace Technology. Empower People. Deliver the Future. Today.

What good is technology if it does not add value to the process? That's why our PDF and document management tools are built for multiple platforms - so your employees have the right tools whenever and wherever they need them: desktop, mobile, web.